Street PerformersStreet performers vary in levels of ability, but they are in abundance up and down the country. Some street performers are often disregarded but for many performing on the streets is the first opportunity to test out their ability in front of a crowd.

Some street performers are merely seeing whether they have the guts or the sparkle that they need in their chosen profession, whilst other street performers travel the country purposely performing on streets to further their art or entertainment ability.

Many artists use the stage of the street to judge how their act will be received by a paying audience. A good way for them to evaluate themselves is how large a crowd they build and how much money they manage to make during their performances.

The street performers that do it for a living will only do so because they know they can make a decent living out of it – what’d be the point otherwise? These types of street performers will plan their routes to enable them to perform to the largest crowds possible. This means that they will look for festivals and gigs or special events that would welcome this type of entertainment.

If you are viewing a street performer that is doing something amazing and holding a large crowd, it is worth to remember that the street performer is doing it for a living and is banking on a donation from you to ensure that they can continue to run their shows.

There are some places around the world which are renowned for their street performers. Covent Gardens in London has a vast array of street performers and most of these will be professional. You can expect to be wowed by the performers there, although you can never be sure that you will see them again!

Street performance could be seen as a dying art – but for many performers this is their first and most important gig!